Basic SMT Rework - Without Component Removal

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A Companion Course to: Hand Soldering – SMT Component Installation

Course Description:

This course is for all employees that use a hand soldering iron in their daily work. You will be shown the industry-approved best practices for reworking mounted components which do not require removal from the printed circuit board. The proper technique for using the hand soldering iron, correct soldering tips and solder removal tools is demonstrated. Component types covered in this course are chips, gull wings and J-lead components. The proper techniques of cleaning the connector area, using flux, setting the proper temperature of the soldering iron, how to remove and replace the solder for each type of defect and finally proper cleaning of the reworked joint are thoroughly covered.
The defect types include; nonwetting, cold and rosin connections, disturbed and overheated solder, pinholes / blowholes, solder bridging, fractured or cracked solder, solder projections, excessive solder, and insufficient solder. After each defect is repaired you will also see the what a good solder joint should look like.

Learning Outcomes:

  •  Demonstrate understanding how to rework SMT components without removing them
  •  Able to use and follow proper rework procedures for SMT components
  •  Able to identify various solder joint defects on SMT components
  •  Improved functional usage of hand soldering iron when reworking SMT components

Course Time: 21 Minutes.  Winner of Telly and AVA Digital Awards.

Testing & Certificate:
A Certificate of Completion will be issued to the student upon completion of the testing requirement of the course. A passing grade of 70% is needed to receive the certificate. The student will be allowed to take the test three times. If a passing grade is not achieved after the third test the course will be closed and the student will have to repurchase the course. 

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