Advanced Hand Soldering Techniques

This course provides the soldering technician with best-industry practices for hand soldering. 

Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Control for Electronics Assembly

Electrostatic Discharge (ESD), education on ESD in the electronic assembly work place.

Through-Hole Solder Joint Quality Standards, Class 3

The course covers requirements and acceptance criteria for Class 3, based on IPC-A-610 Standard for through-hole solder joints.

Surface Mount Solder Joint Quality Standards, Class 3

This course will focus on the requirements for surface mount solder joint criteria for class 3 as outlined in IPC-A-610F.

FOD Prevention in Electronics Assembly

This course provides the information on elimination of foreign objects and debris (FOD).

Introduction to Hand Soldering

Basic course on hand soldering, what every beginner should know.

Foundation Course for IPC-7711/21B 

Designed to provide essential background knowledge on rework and repair for IPC-7711/21B.

Foundation Course for IPC-A-610F Class 3

An essential preparatory course for those candidates preparing to take IPC-A-610F training & certification.

IPC-A-610F Common Inspection Errors

This course is designed to help operators eradicate the most common inspection errors that occur in electronics assembly.