Advanced Hand Soldering Techniques

This course provides the soldering technician with best-industry practices for hand soldering. 

FOD Prevention in Electronics Assembly

This course provides the information on elimination of foreign objects and debris (FOD).

Introduction to Hand Soldering

Basic course on hand soldering, what every beginner should know.

Introduction to Wire Crimping

The course will explain the terminology and anatomy of crimping wires, critical to every electronic assembly.

The Seven Sins of Hand Soldering

The Seven Sins of Hand Soldering is the course which will demonstrate the improper soldering techniques.

Soldering Terminals

The course illustrates best industry practices for soldering wires to commonly used terminals.

Counterfeit Components

Learn what are the common visual indicators of counterfeit, substandard components.

Lead Free Hand Soldering

Learn and understand the differences between lead free and tin-lead solders. What works and what doesn't.

Through-Hole Rework

Involved with rework, this course introduces concepts used in Through-Hole (PTH) rework.