Coaxial Cable Assembly

Learn the best practices in coaxial cable assembly and production through put with reduced production errors.

Area Array Rework

This course explains the advantages and challenges of area grid arrays, including component descriptions and terminology. 

Torque Training for Electronics Assembly

This basic course will provide the vital information required for anyone who uses manual or power tools with electronic assemblies.

Rework Secrets

Ideal course for anyone involved with reworking or repairing PCBs.

Component Preparation and Manual Insertion

An introductory course providing an overview of component preparation and manual insertion process.

ESD Control Certification for Trainers

The ESD certification course for trainers/instructors was developed to provide the essential ESD principles and controls required in the electronics industry.

ESD Control Certification for Operators

IPC and EOS/ESD Association Inc. have partnered to develop a standardized ESD training and certification course for operators in the electronics industry. 

Introduction to Mechanical Assembly - Hardware & Tools

This course introduces employees to the complexities of hardware buildup.

IPC Essentials Webinar

IPC Essentials Webinar delivering the importance of this prerequisite in the certification program for all trainers.