Component Identification

The course identifies all of the important through-hole and surface mount component types and package styles for various componets.

Counterfeit Components

Learn what are the common visual indicators of counterfeit, substandard components.

Hand Soldering - SMT Component Installation

This course is for all employees using a hand soldering iron in their daily work on SMT Components.

Rework Secrets

Ideal course for anyone involved with reworking or repairing PCBs.

Basic SMT Rework - Without Component Removal

Ideal course for hand soldering operators who are responsible for reworking SMT components that do not need to be removed from the printed circuit board.

Component Level Defects/Acceptance Crtieria from IPC-A-610F

The component level defects/acceptance criteria for IPC-A-610F course, provides operator level training in acceptance criteria for components on printed circuit boards.

Through-Hole Component Preparation and Hand Soldering

This course will teach your operators and technicians best industry practices insuring efficient and proper installation of through-hole components.