Terms of Use

Course Access: Courses are available for one year after purchase date or after being assigned a voucher for a given course. Refunds and/or substitutions will not be granted once the course has been purchased. Most courses will have a quiz or test associated with the course. The passing grade for courses varies dependent on the nature of the course and type of certificate issued. All of the current courses will allow you to retake the test and will indicate the allowable times for a retake. Failure to pass the test after the allowable retakes will cause the access to the course to be denied. You will have to repurchase the course in order to gain access to the course again.

Terms of Use: The content in IPC EDGE is copyrighted by IPC, and access to its content is provided under a limited nontransferable license only to the specific individual who purchased the course and/or who was assigned a course voucher. Materials found on IPC EDGE may not be reproduced, duplicated, reverse engineered or adapted unless copyright, duplication and use rights have been separately licensed with permission from IPC.  IPC, IPC EDGE, the IPC logo and the IPC EDGE logo are either registered trademarks or trademarks of IPC in the United States and other countries